How to Zoom

On this page are links to more information to help you if you are new to Zoom.

Using Zoom | Getting Started with Zoom

Using Zoom

Zoom is a computer application that allows groups of individuals to interact with each other remotely. We will be using it for our online services. Even if you have limited experience with using computers following this guide will help you to join us.

What you need

A computer (Windows or Mac)with an internet connection or an iPad or iPhone (smart phones).

The Zoom Application (app). Is also called 'Zoom client'.

Also helpful: -

A Video or Web Camera (most modern devices have this built in). If you don’t have a camera then you will be able to see others but they will be unable to see you.

A microphone if you are using a computer. Again, most modern computers will have a microphone built in. If you don’t have a microphone, others will not be able to hear you.

How to get the Zoom Application

Go to and click the blue download” rectangle under the title “zoom client for meeting” and follow the installation instructions.

When you have done this you should see the zoom icon on your computer, iPad or smart phone.

How to join an online service

Open the zoom application by double-clicking on its icon on your computer or selecting on your iPad or iPhone.

Click  SelectJoin Meeting

You now have to enter some information.

Firstly, the zoom meeting ID. This is like a phone number to the host of the meeting.

Secondly, you will need to type in our password. This is currently “Paul”.

You will now be given some options such as if you want to join the meeting with your camera (if you wish to be seen by others) or without (if you just want to observe the service).


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