Food Bank

St. Paul’s has a small restricted Foodbank, serving our congregation and local community. Those requiring help need to apply to the Vicar and if he approves, we can then provide them with emergency (tinned) food and toiletries.

We also give donations of food etc., to Bexley Women’s Aid on a monthly basis. In recent years, we have also given them Easter Eggs, Advent Calendars and toys from our December Toy Service. Our help has been much appreciated by them.

Members of our congregation are very generous and regularly donate items to our Foodbank. We are also very grateful for the many donated items given to us
by our local schools at Harvest.

As a church we feel blessed that we are able to help people in need of food,
even if in a small way.

Page last updated: Friday 2nd July 2021 6:27 PM
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