Identity Statement (Who are we?)


Who are we?

We are a diverse family focused on exploring the timeless truth of the Bible in a creative and engaging way.


Why do we exist?

We exist to grow in the truth of God’s love and share this with others.


Our Values

We seek to be a loving, relevant, God-centred, learning and welcoming church that has integrity.


By this we mean:

Loving: Mirroring God’s love for us by supporting and encouraging those around us.

Relevant: To be in tune with the culture of our community without compromising the Gospel.

God Centred: We seek to be a prayerful community that keeps God at the heart of all we do.

Learning: Teaching the truth of God’s Word while journeying together, uncovering the riches of Christ’s saving nature.

Welcoming Church: Being open to everyone and actively build and sustain friendships.

Integrity: We seek to live our lives under God’s direction, so that all can see our faith is real.

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